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Retrofit & Upgrade Options

Renew your shot system with a new Conversion Manifold

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Access the power of Visi-Trak's command & control system for a fraction of the expense of a new shot-end. Visi-Trak & Die Cast Press affordable, easy-to-install upgrade throttling manifold package is just what you need. Enjoy all the of performance & control of a SureTrak2™ shot control system, with minimal cost & downtime.


Process Monitoring & Control

  • Bolt-in throttling manifold replaces your aging OEM supplied systems.
  • Expert design & implementation means no guess-work.
  • Extend the life & capabilities of your existing shot-end.
  • Any shape shot profile; any injection process.
  • Increase machine efficiency by 15% or more.
  • Reduce scrap by 25% or more.

Process Monitoring & Control Webinar


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