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Part Traceability System

Uniquely identify, track, and store QC data for every part

As part of a True-Trak 20/20 Monitoring system our part traceability system uniquely identifies, tracks, and stores quality control data for every part you produce.

Completely automate the process of collecting QC shot data and adding unique part ID scripting. Even add secondary machining data entry to capture a complete QC picture for you and your customers.


  • Automatically collect and archive valuable shot data for each part.
  • Uniquely identify each part you produce
  • Capture and link important secondary machining data
  • Analyze your data to inform your customers and improve quality
  • Archive your information for future access
  • Easily upgrade to a full Sure-Trak2 control system

Overview Diagram:

Track every part you make with a unique ID
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